These fragrance oils are especially created for melt & pour soap bases, bath bombs and other cosmetic products.

We always recommend testing the fragrance oil by adding it in small quantities to your product. This helps determine the best concentration for further work. Please also note that some fragrance oils can affect the colour of the end product.
We offer small packaging, with sizes starting from 1 kg. It’s very handy to use and will keep your expenses down.


Аloe CFB91793
Amaretto CFB91807
Apple pie CFB12000
Apricot CFB91803
Apricot Milk CFB14703
Аqua CFB10733
Arctic Breeze CFB37010
Atlantic Freshness CFB12700
Bamboo and Cucumber CFB35648
Black Orchid CFB99222
Black Pomegranate CFB91827
Blackberry and Amberwood CFB19849
Blackcurrant MDB24537
Bubble Gum CFB28301
Bulgarian Rose CFB15101
Cappuccinо CFB14326
Caramel CFB12022
Cherry and Almond MDB12754
Chocolate and Cherry CFB48512
Cinnamon CFB52874
Citrus CFB38151
Coco Jungle CFB74519
Coffee Break CFB93477
Coffee CFB14631
Coffee Latte CFB84316
Coniferous Eucalyptus CFM13301
Coniferous Freshness CFB15846
Cool Rain CFB23334
Cucumber CFB10931
Daisy Flower CFB24220
Daisy Flower Pharmacy CFB24219
Daisy of meadows CFB83110
Duchess CFB18134
Eastern Jasmine CFB51611
Egyptian Jasmine CFB12584
Exotic Fruits CFB30070
Field Daisy CFB24217
Flower meadow CFB41222
Forest Berries Extra CFB17531
French Baking CFB73910
French Cookies CFB51375
French Lilac CFB17794
Freshness of the rain CFB71601
Freshness, Woody CFB 4682146821
Ginger Flower CFM91219
Goat's Milk DFB27350
Grape Extra CFB85132
Grape Isabella CFB12119
Grapefruit Extra CFB92008
Green Apple CFS12889
Green Bamboo CFB19200
Green Fir Tree CFM13387
Green Leaf CFB19838
Green Tea and Lemon CFB72367
Herbal CFB41904
Honey Melon CFB58551
Hot Chocolate CFB14340
Juicy Mandarine CFB13550
Kiwi PLI23743
Lavender Extra CFB25963
Lemon Juicy CFB28200
Lemon Lime CFM10004
Lemon Verbena CFB12063
Lily of the valley, May CFB60105
Lily of the valley, Silver CFB18428
Linden and Acacia DBG CFB71987
Linden Blossom CFB35111
Mango CFB12998
Marigold CFB24410
Marine Fresh CFB18503
Melissa CFB37012
Milk and Honey CFB14942
Moroccan Mandarine CFB17335
Muscatel CFB45103
Oat Milk CFB11800
Ocean Breeze CFB25200
Orange Cocktail CFB19273
Orange Festival CFB23506
Ozon CFS13368
Pamplemousse CFB10827
Passion Fruit CFB43783
Passion Fruit / Maracuja CFB20735
Peach Extra CFB46582
Pear CFB17119
Peony and Linden Blossom CFB34992
Peony Silk Petal CFB82739
Peppermint CFB19335
Pink Grapefruit CFB43643
Raspberry CFB35999
Red Grapefruit CFB68013
Ripe Cherry CFB79911
Romance CFB88318
Rose Japanese CFB28387
Sabila CFB33548
Sea & Sun CFB12997
Spicy Love CFB87010
Strawberry Fresh CFB17468
Sweet Cherry CFB23205
Toffee CFB95124
Tomorrow CFS30625
Tropical Jasmine CFB22200
Tropicana CFB25702
Tutti Frutti CFB22529
Vanilla Cream CFB52796
Vanilla French CFB73912
Vanilla MDB17171
Vanilla Spark MDB98062
Violet Bloom CFB16380
Watermelon CFB23845
Wild Strawberry CFB27299
Winter Freshness PLI11271
Winter Cherry CFB13472
Zest Spring CFB12638

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Almond Powdery HPA13520
Amaretto HPA91907
Baby Powder HPA29000
Blackcurrant HPA24537
Bubble Gum HPA28401
Bulgarian Rose HPA15201
Cappuccino HPA14426
Coniferous Eucalyptus HPA13301
Daisy Econom HPA72100
Duchess HPA18134
Egyptian Jasmine HPA12586
Floral Soft HPA18453
Fragrant Lilac HPA33129
Freshness HPA12676
Green Apple HPA17400
Green Fir Tree HPA13387
Herbal HPA41904
Hot Chocolate HPA14440
Muscatel HPA45103
Ocean Breeze HPA25200
Peppermint HPA19335
Pineapple HPA17071
Raspberry HPA15900
Sea Fresh HPA19253
Strawberry Fresh HPA17568
Toffee HPA95224
Tropical Night HPA17360
Tutti Frutti PL HPA20598
Violet HPA13612

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