THE PLAY DOUGH SOAP BASE (or SOAP CLAY) is a fun way of making unusual play dough soaps. You only need to add color and fragrance!


How to use it: Take the required amount of the base and put it into a container. Put on gloves, then add dye to the base (we recommend using water-based dyes) and your favorite fragrance oil. Mix well, kneading the play dough thoroughly, until an all over color is obtained. Your play dough soap is now ready! You can start making play dough in a different color and add another fragrance oil if you wish. Multicolored play dough will allow you to make fun and interesting figures, funny faces, fantastic animals and much more! Some details can be drawn with a marker. Use finished figures in the shower as soap: It is a lot of fun!


Storage: Store in a dry place in a sealed container. After using the figures in the shower, do not leave them in the soap dish with residual water.

Technical Documents:


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